Watch Your Mouth

For those of you who watched my Insta-story the last week of March, you saw that I was doing a 6 day study with gospel artist Kiera “KiKi” Sheard. We would do a quick virtual group study for 15 minutes and then end in prayer; each day focusing on a new topic. On the third day, we talked about “Watching Our Mouths” and I couldn’t help but want to expound upon some of the things we touched on. 

Below you will find my notes from the group study.  Remember, this is meant to get you started and focused on the subject at hand - to mediate on throughout the month and practice life application. Dive deeper and support your questions and answers with scripture. I find really zeroing in thoroughly on subject matters helps us to retain what it is we are learning when studying God’s word.


Watch your mouth


Proverbs 18:21 - The tongue can bring death or life (MSG – Words kill, Words give life; they either poison or fruit – choose


As a kingdom citizen/King’s kid, the Lord has given our tongue power to speak and move things in heaven, on earth, over our loved ones, in bad situations, in sickness etc.

– He has given us that authority.


The words you speak are what’s happening in your life


Our inheritance is connected to God – we are created in his likeness (Psalm 82:6-7)

I can speak things and expect them to come to pass

Be conscious of what you release (even when joking)


Matthew 12:33-37 – a tree being identified by its fruit – whatever you feed your spirit or flesh, becomes rooted in your heart and whatever is in your heart has to come out.

The mouth speaks what the heart is full of - What is your heart full of

            Discontentment, rage, malice, worthlessness, jealousy…

            v.34b for whatever is in your heart is what you say

Judgment - You will give an account of everything you say (purposed or idle v.36)

            “they will either acquit you or condemn you”


Prince of the air – Satan (Ephesians 2:2)

Not a physical fight – Eph 6:12 -we wrestle not against flesh and blood…

2 Cor 10:3-5 – we are not waging war according to the flesh…

Because warfare starts in the mind, think about what you’re feeding it. Are you giving the enemy a foothold?

Detox – what do you need to cleanse your mind of

            Music, people, certain movies, food?

What do I need to do to train my mind physically because a lot of times what is happening spiritually manifest physically (physicals sometimes reveals what’s happening in spiritual)

Romans 12:2 – Renew your mind!


Who are you – when you know who you are and whose you are,

you walk differently

Col 3:23 - Do everything 100% as you’re doing it unto the lord


Authority - Mark 16:17 (18) “The miraculous signs will accompany those

who believe: They will cast out demons in my name , and they will

speak in new languages …”


Luke 10:19-20 “Look I have given you authority over all power of the

enemy, and you walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them.

Nothing will injure you. But don’t rejoice because evil spirits obey

You; rejoice because your names are registered in heaven.


When is your heart is in the right place? - when under subjection of the lord

and you’re living righteously

            key to being powerful in your speech


**Make sure not to constantly make excuses for sin because you know sanctification is a process and later find yourself in a place of a reprobate mind.

**Power in my confession is predictable- like Hezekiah and lot we can be in on what God is going to do when we walk closely with Him




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Scriptures: Prov 15:4     Pslams 131:3    Heb 1:1-3
2 Kings 20        Gen 19

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