Hello again!  Thanks for stopping by to get to know a little more about me and this crazy new venture.  My name is Nina and I am the owner and operator of Reflections Literary House.  What I am most passionate about in life is helping others and being a resource; this business is another way I get to do just that.

What do you do exactly?

            What I do is write, and design faith based books, journals, and study materials. Each of my writings are designed to ignite the desire to study and learn values and skills that enrich lives. I plan on releasing a new title every 6 months which will allow me to build a community around each of the writings.

Who do you do it for?

            The young woman I connect with is one who is interested in improving their quality of life, one who is a teacher and imparts positive lessons they have learned. Also, one who is a cheerleader for other women. They not only encourage themselves, but others as well. I am also interested in the broken woman who is looking for something different to lift them up. I connect with these young women and so my materials are created with them in mind.

Why do you do it?

Let me ask a question; do you believe that we are losing citizens with standards and integrity and that there is an increase in people who feel hopeless?

Do you believe that having a circle of judgment free, loving and encouraging people would make a difference in the lives of those individuals, thus helping some of these issues?

The fact is we live in a world where people feel lost, judged, forgotten, entitled, angry and some who just don’t care. They may never step foot in a church or pick up a bible, but there are teachings that can encourage those people, impart wisdom, and influence standards and morals. There are life experiences that can be shared that result in the same outcome; being introduced to Christ.

Because we are all connected to different circles, my hope it that the women I connect with will be those overlapping portions in a Venn diagram, and that their wisdom creates a ripple effect within each of their communities to encourage others. Whether it’s a novel I’ve written, children’s book, journal or workshop, I want people to take away positive life applications and be met with the love of God.  

I look forward to connecting and growing with each of you.